Some links, maybe?

Here are some things Google associates with “mghicks” that are NOT ME.

Banner image of trees is via “Shine in Forest” by *xeranas.  Others are screenshots of stuff I fiddle with.


2 Responses to About

  1. chive says:

    mathieu, happy new year. email me if you want an electronic version of bollweevil from back in the day. alan just sent it to me. i hadn’t thought it about for a long time. you wrote it. perhaps you’d like to hear it? okay, then.
    hope all is well.

  2. mghicks says:

    School Chive! If I weren’t a suburban wussy who likes to be asleep by 11pm, I’d see more Creeping Weeds shows in the city. I have tried on occassion to rediscover the first 3 chords of bollweevil. I don’t remember the electronic version, so that would be fun/scary to hear! Uh, try my blog name around gmail.

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