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Bloomberg’s Ground Zero Mosque Speech

Fareed Zakaria calls it required reading for every American Civics class. The video shows Bloomberg is not an exceptional orator, but the content of the speech is truly great. Text from The Wall Street Journal. “We have come here to … Continue reading

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Tea Party Interviews

New Left Media has done some interesting work about Tea Party rallies.

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Feds push for tracking cell phones

Combine warrantless cell phone tracking with the increasing interest in “bystander accomplice laws”  and we can see some very unpleasant consequences for simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time, regardless whether you actually committed or witnessed anything… … Continue reading

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Peak Oil and Personal Risk

Ken Cenna compares US energy policy and public opinion to the five stages of grief. We’re in denial, Ken argues, and the rest of the steps will follow. I tend to agree with him and the host of other peak-oil … Continue reading

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I learned it from you! Q: Why are you so naughty, street gang member? A: I learned it from you!

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BBC The Century of the Self

Just finished watching part 2 of 4 of the fantastic BBC program “The Century of the Self” on Google Video. Awesome! It’s a must see. I knew Freud’s nephew changed the face of advertising, but I had no idea how … Continue reading

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Blind Texans who hunt may get laser targetting

Blind people in Texas can already hunt–they’re just making it easier?,0,4840772.story?coll=la-home-headlines “…the laser points would allow their hunting partners to see where they were aiming…” Priceless.

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