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Creating a Flash Game “Main Loop” Example

A very typical game programming approach is to have a main loop that executes once per frame.  After playing around for a few hours with Flash CS4, I figured out how to do it with flash+actionscript. 1. Get the Flash … Continue reading

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N is for Ninja Burger

From the Geek Alphabet comes the letter N, for Ninja Burger. Back in 2000, I collaborated with some friends at 9th Level Games on the first role-playing game adaptation of Ninja Burger. I did mostly flavor text and brainstorming how … Continue reading

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McCain Staffer Disparages Roleplayers

McCain’s staffers’ attacks just keep getting crazier. It may be typical of the pro-Obama Dungeons & Dragons crowd to disparage a fellow countryman’s memory of war from the comfort of mom’s basement… I wonder how much Hasbro and Wizards of … Continue reading

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Batman or Bush?

Brilliant! And filmed in Philly, too.

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Metaplace keeps looking better

It’s fallen off the mainstream games media radar, but there are really cool things going on at The details coming out in the developer blogs really make me wish a) we’d been accepted into the alpha, b) we were … Continue reading

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Hrmm… despite a tangential interest in zombies, I am not a fan of horror or gory movies.  Bioshock is pretty freaking scary!  But it’s sucked me right into to their universe.  I can see the linearity reviewers mentioned cropping up … Continue reading

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Gamefly update

Two Worlds arrived from Gamefly, but Bioshock not to be found. Strange… It took about 30 seconds of opening scene to decide I would not enjoy playing Two Worlds. Very, very bad writing. Bad voice acting, or perhaps perfectly acted … Continue reading

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