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Linux Desktop Rebuild Checklist 2 – Web Dev Tools

Following Linux Desktop Rebuild Checklist 1 Sublime Text I’m a Sublime Text convert. Official docs are sparse, but there are great unofficial (community) docs for Sublime Text. It’s quite easy to install on Ubuntu/Kubuntu via webupd8. LiveReload Change a file in your project … Continue reading

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Linux Desktop Rebuild Checklist 1 – Base System

Install via Unetbootin (I’m using Kubuntu these days) Fix monitors (important to do before next step) Install synergy Add synergy to startup (see Connect to NAS Additional repositories Additional codecs, fonts, tools, etc. Install Chromium and extensions: Adblock Plus, … Continue reading

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Monitors won’t sleep (power management) if synergy is running

Similar question to Monitor won’t enter power save mode, however I only experience the problem under synergy. Screensaver settings work, but the monitors never go to sleep. When synergy is not running, monitors go to sleep at the interval set … Continue reading

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Unity Fail

While playing with Gnome3 and some other desktops and window managers, I’ve done irreparable (for me) harm to the standard Ubuntu desktop. So, here begins a set of posts to help me remember my settings and stuff for the rebuild. … Continue reading

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links for 2009-06-22

autoplate netlabel (tags: free music cc netlabel mp3)

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Virus Scanning Windows from Knoppix

Why worry about scanning Windows for viruses from inside Windows? Use Knoppix to scan for viruses from the safety of a linux-based, read-only OS. If you don’t already have it, get Knoppix with your favorite BitTorrent client (I use Azureus … Continue reading

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