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N is for Ninja Burger

From the Geek Alphabet comes the letter N, for Ninja Burger. Back in 2000, I collaborated with some friends at 9th Level Games on the first role-playing game adaptation of Ninja Burger. I did mostly flavor text and brainstorming how … Continue reading

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Emergency Response Committee – Part I

I first brainstormed this silly game about seven years ago. Here’s a first installment. Emergency Response Committee EMERGENCY RESPONSE COMMITTEEInstruction Manual(The perfect game for killing time) Gadzooks! The world has been imperiled again and thanks to the quick thinking of … Continue reading

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Cowboy Chisanbop

I’ve cleaned-up and publicly shared the Cowboy Chisanbop summary page. I think I’m missing some pieces if anyone cares to fill in details.

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Voice casting complete for the Dragonlance animated feature

There are big names on the list! Official Dragonlance Movie Site | The Movie : Cast

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Up on Skullcrusher Mountain

This song sends me into fits of giddy joy, I therefore dub it an honorary popcorn song. David Stevenson wrote it. Jonathon Coulton is singing it in this version. I’m told David Stevenson sings my favorite version and Jonathon Coulton … Continue reading

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Wizard Needs Food. Badly.

I finally found the blog for those bastards the nice guys from 9th Level at Wizard Needs Food. Badly.

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