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How AMEX Went from Best to Worst in 48 Hours

Have I mentioned I’m really upset at American Express… a company that until recently I would have said had the best customer support org I’ve ever dealt with? Honestly, my last two calls with Comcast went better than with AMEX. … Continue reading

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Peak Oil and Personal Risk

Ken Cenna compares US energy policy and public opinion to the five stages of grief. We’re in denial, Ken argues, and the rest of the steps will follow. I tend to agree with him and the host of other peak-oil … Continue reading

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Even Better Than the Do Not Call Registry?

I just realized this morning, it’s been over 8 months since I’ve received a call from any telemarketer. The last call introduced me to assumptive selling. That prompted a long talk with a supervisor, the linked blog entry, and a … Continue reading

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Assumptive selling: the new depths of telemarketing

I just received a call from 121 Direct Response on behalf of Comcast Cable about an offer for free HBO and Cinemax for two months. The really interesting thing was after confirming my name, address, etc, the agent (the person … Continue reading

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Freecycling some DVDs

I’m freecycling some DVDs and if anyone is interested look here.

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Freecycling some DVDs

I’ve got a bunch of DVDs I’m getting rid of. The list will be maintained here until they’re gone. If you’re interested in any, please comment here or email me. And it would be best if you’re somewhere near Philly. … Continue reading

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Junk mail and calls

Opt out of pre-screened credit card offerings that come in the mail by calling 888-5OPTOUT (888-567-8688). The telephony system was a bit of a pain, but eventually capitulated to my spelling my street name. Opt out of telemarketing calls at … Continue reading

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