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Upstairs Bookcases Finished

N & I needed more space for books, and though the upstairs hall was wide enough to allow a row of bookcases. Are there ever enough bookshelves? We brainstormed for ideas at IKEA, but the height was a problem. The … Continue reading

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In the last 7 days I… Taught someone else how to do my (old) job Made someone really happy Made someone really unhappy Discovered bittorrent rss feeds Shovelled roughly 800 cu. feet of the heaviest snow ever Caught a cold … Continue reading

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New bed plans

If all goes as planned, I will be picking up my new bedframe after work today and assembling it tonight.

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Bed frames

I have one of those Tempurpedic mattresses and I like it. I do not like the ‘platform’ style box spring that it comes with. The tempurpedic mattress works like a futon, it has to be on a hard flat surface. … Continue reading

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I broke my bed frame

No kidding. I’d like to make up some fantastic story about what I was doing that caused a clean snap in the metal. I think I’ll let your imagination work. No, sex was *not* involved in the harming of the … Continue reading

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I broke my snowshovel

No kidding. About an hour into what became the 2 hour driveway extravaganza, I bent one of those fancy, ‘better-for-your-back’ snowshovels in half. Luckily, I didn’t impale myself on it. So, a fter a 30 minute trip to Sears Hardware, … Continue reading

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