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Raleigh Crabtree Greenway Walk

This is the flat side (north) of the Raleigh greenway trial I normally walk.  It’s about 2.8 miles and mostly shaded, with one sunny stretch. Takes me about 45 minutes for the round trip. You can still see the impressive … Continue reading

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The Walking Dead season 2

I’m pretty disappointed with season 2 of The Walking Dead. Some important, “difficult” characters have lost their personalities… weren’t there rednecks you loved to hate in season 1? Very resourceful rednecks you hated but had to respect for their abilities? … Continue reading

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Upstairs Bookcases Finished

N & I needed more space for books, and though the upstairs hall was wide enough to allow a row of bookcases. Are there ever enough bookshelves? We brainstormed for ideas at IKEA, but the height was a problem. The … Continue reading

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ShopBot CNC at the TechShop

I took the ShopBot CAD/CAM and SBU at the TechShop on Sunday. Here are too few pictures of the fun. I really wanted to build a box with tabs and slots, but was rightly convinced to scale back my expectations … Continue reading

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Spotted my Music in the Wild

I stumbled across someone people using music by me on Youtube. Thanks for the attribution/credit. What’s really far out is somehow Google knows “mghicks” is associated with these even though it’s not visible in the pages (unless I missed it). … Continue reading

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Remarks on Internet Freedom

I wonder if Lieberman, McConnell, and King noticed the Secretary of State’s comments about internet censorship. On their own, new technologies do not take sides in the struggle for freedom and progress, but the United States does. We stand for a … Continue reading

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Wikileaks and the Long Haul « Clay Shirky

Clay Shirky’s post about Wikileaks and the U.S. response is a must-read. The key, though, is that democracies have a process for creating such restrictions, and as a citizen it sickens me to see the US trying to take shortcuts. … Continue reading

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