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Linux Desktop Rebuild Checklist 2 – Web Dev Tools

Following Linux Desktop Rebuild Checklist 1 Sublime Text I’m a Sublime Text convert. Official docs are sparse, but there are great unofficial (community) docs for Sublime Text. It’s quite easy to install on Ubuntu/Kubuntu via webupd8. LiveReload Change a file in your project … Continue reading

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Linux Desktop Rebuild Checklist 1 – Base System

Install via Unetbootin (I’m using Kubuntu these days) Fix monitors (important to do before next step) Install synergy Add synergy to startup (see Connect to NAS Additional repositories Additional codecs, fonts, tools, etc. Install Chromium and extensions: Adblock Plus, … Continue reading

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Network Traffic on Ubuntu 12.04 vs Fedora 17

Recently, I started obsessing over network traffic on my (recently upgraded) Ubuntu 12.04 system.  This is what it looked like, with only a few user processes (just chromium and synergyc). I could never pin down a process that was causing … Continue reading

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What’s Causing that Network Traffic on Linux?

I noticed some periodic network traffic on my Ubuntu 12.04 box. Naturally, I wonder what was polling like that… Then I realized netstat -ap  will tell me the process using a port, but just doesn’t provide enough info to figure … Continue reading

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G-code tools

Links for further investigation: ShopBot Command Reference dxf2gcode program MCAD tools via Twin Cities Makers GCODE tools via Twin Cities Makers (great info!) RS274NGC G-Code Programming Basics EMC (Linux CNC controller software and good reference) List of free CNC-related software

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ShopBot CNC at the TechShop

I took the ShopBot CAD/CAM and SBU at the TechShop on Sunday. Here are too few pictures of the fun. I really wanted to build a box with tabs and slots, but was rightly convinced to scale back my expectations … Continue reading

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In Yahoo! Pipes how can I return a single value from a loop that’s built with values from every item?

For example, I have a list of items and each item has a name. I want to build a single string that contains a comma-separated list of all the names. In most programming languages, I would loop over the items … Continue reading

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