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G-code tools

Links for further investigation: ShopBot Command Reference dxf2gcode program MCAD tools via Twin Cities Makers GCODE tools via Twin Cities Makers (great info!) RS274NGC G-Code Programming Basics EMC (Linux CNC controller software and good reference) List of free CNC-related software … Continue reading

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I've found that nifty (sort-of) new service that lets you post to a whole bunch of places at once via email.  It's called Posterous ( and it looks really good!

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Firefox and plugins

I prefer Firefox as my web browser on Windows. There are three add-ons I consider absolutely necessary: NoScript, Adblock, and the Adblock Filterset updater. Some that I find nice to have: All-in-one Sidebar, Web Developer, DownThemAll, Tab Mix Plus, and … Continue reading

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