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Linux Desktop Rebuild Checklist 2 – Web Dev Tools

Following Linux Desktop Rebuild Checklist 1 Sublime Text I’m a Sublime Text convert. Official docs are sparse, but there are great unofficial (community) docs for Sublime Text. It’s quite easy to install on Ubuntu/Kubuntu via webupd8. LiveReload Change a file in your project … Continue reading

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In Yahoo! Pipes how can I return a single value from a loop that’s built with values from every item?

For example, I have a list of items and each item has a name. I want to build a single string that contains a comma-separated list of all the names. In most programming languages, I would loop over the items … Continue reading

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Free Music Archive

In case you’ve ignored all my link updates below, let me tell you how unbelievably awesome the Free Music Archive is. It’s really, really awesome! So awesome, I head to my favorites list on FMA every time I hear … Continue reading

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Nearing 2 years on Google Reader

On April 2, 2007, I switched to Google Reader as my RSS reader of choice. The only feature I find missing is a way to sort starred items by date. Since I couldn’t, I decided to navigate to the bottom … Continue reading

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My Superpower per OkCupid

I got bored in Las Vegas last week and signed up on OkCupid again. /shrug Your result for The Latent Super Power Test… Illusions You are the one to cloud other’s minds with phantasms. Illusions is your super power, and … Continue reading

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Google reader: jury’s still out

I’ve been moving to Google reader since I’d been hearing it’s more stable, user-friendly, etc. My results are mixed so far. Perhaps I’ve exceeded the number of feeds Google expects to handle, or I’m trying to do things too quickly … Continue reading

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Data: URI Scheme

The data: URI scheme is a nifty way to include files for download as I did here without having to mess with attachments or file hosting. Encoding the payload is just a one-liner. cat file.txt | perl -MURI::Encode -e “print … Continue reading

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