Ideas are Worthless without Execution

Dear Peoples of teh Internets,

Having big ideas isn’t worth squat. There are plenty of big ideas out there. Getting things done with big ideas is worth something. If you can’t get something done, stop wasting my time by trying to convince me to do it.


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4 Responses to Ideas are Worthless without Execution

  1. mghicks says:

    Perfect example: CrunchPad vs. iPad

    CrunchPad ( undoubtedly sported more features I wanted than iPad ( Regardless, one idea was successfully executed.

  2. hy says:


  3. redkruzer says:

    over at the other end, we are learning to execute…
    we are getting names who will earn credits…
    we have secured & Tom Masse has agreed to contribute as web master…
    Angela has agreed to write music as she sees footage…
    You are going to do whatever editing, sound & visual that suits your fancy…
    AND you r keeping this teh internet sub nerd on trac…
    james damiano is writing music and editing footage to it…
    there is more- but i can’t hold my head up much longer…

    Would you accept a usb thumb drive with visuals, you may
    have fun adding sound & subtracting visuals?

    Got 2 interesting memos from someone i asked to do some research for me and or law office…
    will forward fore i give up tonight
    will forward…
    ok matt, later

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