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Round 1

I made it to the round of 20… that is, to round 2. Next week: motown. This week was 80’s rock, featuring a complete lack of post-punk, ska, and new-wave. People were singing Billy Joel and Bon Jovi. That’s just … Continue reading

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In the last 7 days I… Taught someone else how to do my (old) job Made someone really happy Made someone really unhappy Discovered bittorrent rss feeds Shovelled roughly 800 cu. feet of the heaviest snow ever Caught a cold … Continue reading

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Weekly karaoke weather report

Tonight will be an unprecedented three trips to karaoke this week. I’m really enjoying myself too much. Especially since now I’m starting to run into more people I know and can legitimately hang-out with, rather than being just a hanger-on. … Continue reading

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Backup Plan

Well, the honeymoon is over with Mad Anthony’s. The hotel bar was tired last night and I wasn’t drunk enough to invoke the power of 5-martini Matt to make anything and everything fun. So, I left. On the way home … Continue reading

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Karaoke and Theater Connections

It was the weekend of meet-people-in-theater. Friday, I learned my co-worker, who is a musical theater performer and occassional staff member, was moving to Boston. Good luck, Geoff. Saw Coyote on a Fence at Stagecrafters Saturday night. Friday, I’d met … Continue reading

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Karaoke Saturday Baby!

Whoooooo! Karaoke Saturday, baby! Yes, I’m a little bit drunk. Not drunk enough not to drive home, which means, not drunk enough not to check my email and yada yada yada. Which is why I went and got drunk to … Continue reading

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