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How AMEX Went from Best to Worst in 48 Hours

Have I mentioned I’m really upset at American Express… a company that until recently I would have said had the best customer support org I’ve ever dealt with? Honestly, my last two calls with Comcast went better than with AMEX. … Continue reading

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Debt is not a good product – Boing Boing

Debt is not a good product on Boing Boing. …I’ve been searching for the right phrase around “Too big to fail” for a while now… Too big to fail is too big to bail: break them up now! Too big … Continue reading

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Project Management

I’ve done some project management in my work, especially for software rollouts. I’ve even had classes on the subject. Recently, a friend asked whether anyone had experience with implementing project management software. Here’s how I responsed. A very wise project … Continue reading

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Accounting Standards for Government

Walter E. Williams asks why the U.S. government doesn’t live up to basic accounting standards? Corporations employ accounting practices promulgated by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) that established Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and government … Continue reading

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Proof the Beaureaucracy Is Hosed

If you ever wondered why the government seems a bit sluggish or unresponsive to the demands of the people, check out the guide to federal resumes and notice the part about getting hired without an interview. It almost sounds like … Continue reading

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How Stuff Gets From Here to There

First, if you haven’t seen the excellent The Story of Stuff, go check it out. I noticed an AP article about transportation safety and, with peak oil on my mind, found this quote pretty fascinating. “Do you enjoy your clothing … Continue reading

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Peak Oil and Personal Risk

Ken Cenna compares US energy policy and public opinion to the five stages of grief. We’re in denial, Ken argues, and the rest of the steps will follow. I tend to agree with him and the host of other peak-oil … Continue reading

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