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As if I don’t have enough LEGOs in my basement already… here’s something called Makedo that turns most anything into construction playtime. Advertisements

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My Superpower per OkCupid

I got bored in Las Vegas last week and signed up on OkCupid again. /shrug Your result for The Latent Super Power Test… Illusions You are the one to cloud other’s minds with phantasms. Illusions is your super power, and … Continue reading

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Batman or Bush?

Brilliant! And filmed in Philly, too.

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Offline Lists to Look up Online

Inevitably whenever I’m offline there are moments in conversation where I’ll say, “We should look that up.” Here are the things to look up from this weekend’s trip to Connecticut. The ones we couldn’t remember are emphasized. (Oh, the great … Continue reading

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Recently overheard…

Overheard at my cubicle…Co-worker: “I’m a geek.”Me: “No you’re not.”Co-worker: “I totally played D&D in high school.”Me: (Showing character sheet just pulled from laptop bag) “I’m playing tonight.” Overheard at Fox & Hound…Me: “So, this guy started Creep records in … Continue reading

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Wired News has a wicked sense of humor

At my work, we routinely move around terrabytes of data. So, when I see an article about it, I’ll check it out. Imagine the look of disbelief and amusement at the picture of Chris DiBona, opensource magnate at Google, that … Continue reading

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Mr. Yuk

This is my favorite userpic. When I was young, my mom stickered everything in the house with them. When something was bad, I would scrunch up my face and say, “Yuk!” because as far as I was concerned, that’s how … Continue reading

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