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Virus Scanning Windows from Knoppix

Why worry about scanning Windows for viruses from inside Windows? Use Knoppix to scan for viruses from the safety of a linux-based, read-only OS. If you don’t already have it, get Knoppix with your favorite BitTorrent client (I use Azureus … Continue reading

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Firefox and plugins

I prefer Firefox as my web browser on Windows. There are three add-ons I consider absolutely necessary: NoScript, Adblock, and the Adblock Filterset updater. Some that I find nice to have: All-in-one Sidebar, Web Developer, DownThemAll, Tab Mix Plus, and … Continue reading

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System backups and restores

One big reason I want to be efficient with work tasks is to have time for play. I’m a computer gamer. Unfortunately, this means Windows directly on the hardware (as opposed to emulation or virtualization from a different host OS.) … Continue reading

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