Institutional Corruption

For the middle third, Lessig talks about the effect of tariffs and subsidies on US food systems… how corporate influence affects our food choices.

(State College, PA, 28 Mar 2012: Penn State Richard B. Lippin Lectureship in Ethics. This refines a bit the earlier talks on Institutional Corruption, and adds food as a domain.)

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Recognizing the Fight We’re In

London, UK, 24 Mar 2012, Keynote to Open Rights Group Conference. A mix of the old stuff ? broadband, spectrum, copyright ? with the new. Long. Some parts worth it.

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Buying Votes

March 15, 2012, Keynote at Hammer Forum. The plan: (1) Lays out the corruption there is, (2) describes more fully the kind of citizen funding of elections that we need, (3) tries to bring Obama back into this at the end.

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Shot on the Panasonic Lumix GH2 with the 20mm Lumix lens.

Music by 2 Live Crew & Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head (AKA Brite Futures).

Starring Claudia Restrepo (@ClaudoRestrepo on Twitter)

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The Walking Dead season 2

The Walking Dead on AMC

I’m pretty disappointed with season 2 of The Walking Dead. Some important, “difficult” characters have lost their personalities… weren’t there rednecks you loved to hate in season 1? Very resourceful rednecks you hated but had to respect for their abilities?

And some very, very important details have slipped past the characters–for example, if a church has bells you can hear at great distances, and then you’re disappointed to discover it’s not real bells (that the person you’re looking for might have been ringing), but rather an electronic PA system playing a recording… someone in the group ought to be excited about how it’s powered! Maybe some redneck who thinks it’s dumb to waste all this time looking for a dumb kid who ran off on their own.

That’s the kind of thing that happens on the show I want to watch. It just doesn’t happen on The Walking Dead, no matter how much I yell at my TV.

The Walking Dead on AMC

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Upstairs Bookcases Finished

N & I needed more space for books, and though the upstairs hall was wide enough to allow a row of bookcases. Are there ever enough bookshelves?

We brainstormed for ideas at IKEA, but the height was a problem. The wall was too short for most half-height media shelves (which are shallow enough) and the hall was too narrow for most half-height bookshelves (which are short enough). Because our rental walls are so dark, we also wanted white to brighten the hall a bit. N scoured the internet for solutions. We found $1200 units, $20 units, and no middle ground. We weren’t happy about it, but settled on four $20 units from Walmart. I wanted to save the $26 shipping cost, so arranged for (free) in-store pickup. I hope I never have to choose to use Walmart again, but if I do, I’m not sure whether the free in-store pickup is worth having to deal with a Walmart store.

Picture of hallway bookcases facing bedroom

Hallway bookcases facing bedroom

Picture of hallway bookcases facing office

Hallway bookcases facing office

To get around the baseboard trim, make it easier to clean, and for easier browsing of the bottom shelf, we built bases to lift the units up about 3.5 inches. These cost around $15 in wood, nails, and paint. Another $20 went into hardware to secure the shelves to the bases, wall, and each other. The total project cost was around $120 and took about 9 hours over 3 days (excluding the delay from ordering 1 bookcase to check it out before committing to the other 3). This would be a Saturday project except for waiting for paint to dry between coats on the custom bases.

Close-up picture of custom base

Close-up of custom base

Close-up picture of bookcases over trim

Close-up of bookcases over trim

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G-code tools

Links for further investigation:

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