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Tea Party Interviews

New Left Media has done some interesting work about Tea Party rallies. Advertisements

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Microwave popcorn butter flavoring harmful

This is terrible news for the popcorn mix! The WaPo reports today that Assemblywoman Sally Lieber (D) has introduced a bill to ban diacetyl use by 2010. The chemical is an artificial butter flavoring most commonly used in microwave popcorn. … Continue reading

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Sick, sick, sick!

I had chicken noodle soup for breakfast, teehee.

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Nose, ears, throat, headache, probably-moving-into-my-chest kind of sick.

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My mantra ray

‘s allright. “I will not get sick. I will not get sick. I will not get sick.”

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I feel badly for my friends working at Merck…

…as PI lawyers around the country salivate over The New England Journal of Medicine’s correction to the Vioxx study in which they delete and soften references to the 18 months the drug showed no increased risk of cardiac events. In … Continue reading

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Life is pretty good without a stomach, but…

The long-term effects of stomach removal surgery are still unclear.

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