The Walking Dead season 2

The Walking Dead on AMC

I’m pretty disappointed with season 2 of The Walking Dead. Some important, “difficult” characters have lost their personalities… weren’t there rednecks you loved to hate in season 1? Very resourceful rednecks you hated but had to respect for their abilities?

And some very, very important details have slipped past the characters–for example, if a church has bells you can hear at great distances, and then you’re disappointed to discover it’s not real bells (that the person you’re looking for might have been ringing), but rather an electronic PA system playing a recording… someone in the group ought to be excited about how it’s powered! Maybe some redneck who thinks it’s dumb to waste all this time looking for a dumb kid who ran off on their own.

That’s the kind of thing that happens on the show I want to watch. It just doesn’t happen on The Walking Dead, no matter how much I yell at my TV.

The Walking Dead on AMC

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5 Responses to The Walking Dead season 2

  1. Jaime says:

    I agree. The story line has also gone lame. The last three episodes have essentially been a constant drama of endless talking and crying. Very little action (except for the early part of episode 1). Whens is this moping around the kid going to end????

  2. Mike D says:

    The first episode of the new season, the characters hide under the cars on the highway to keep safe of the lurking walkers. However, in season 1, it is said that the walkers use their smell to find their victims (Remember they covered themselves with walker guts to keep safe in the streets?) Along with your PA system, it’s disappointing to see such failures in the writing.

    I’ll continue to watch the show, but season two has been a huge let down. I understand they have use of more episodes, and need to stretch out the “drama”, but the character development is simply failing.

    • mghicks says:

      Oh yeah! The smell! It was such a great moment when the rain washed the guts off and the zombie mob instantly went for them. I’ve been going through the graphic novels slowly. The part about covering themselves with zombie guts to hide among them is in the original story. I’ve not found the part about hiding under cars.

  3. Robert says:

    Disappointing is the word for season 2. Maybe it also was a soap opera, but now in s2 it’s become obvious, and frankly boring. In suppose it has to do with a much lower budget and lack of imagination compared to s1. Too bad. If this continues like this into s3. I’ll stop watching.

    I also hate glaring lack of common sense shown by the characters in s2. They don’t even act like they’re inhabiting a zombie-infested post-apocalyptic world. Like absolutely no security around the doctors house. lights on at night, no perimeter defense, etc. This total absence breaks the viewers illusion that one is trying to survive in this environment; ie. it feels fake.

  4. Asianelle says:

    I think all characters just went weak, insane mental, crazy in the S2!

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