CC CD Podcast #2

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This is an Americana edition of CC CD, full of old time pedal steel, corn-cob crooners, and rockabilly wranglers. Saddle up for 60 minutes of…

Yeah, that’s probably what the introduction would sound like if this were an American Routes show. But it’s not, though I guess the songs I’ve picked for CC CD #2 sound like they belong on that fine show. I don’t really like commercial country music, but I was raised on folk (and 70’s rock, sure) and the slide guitar country tunes my grandfather loved. He’d listen to songs like these on his one-speaker portable radio that seemed ancient even back then. A lot of these songs took me right back to those years on my grandfather’s back porch, puttering around, as he would say. Maybe all these songs aren’t American roots music, but they’re surely MY roots music.

When I created the first collection of CreativeCommons-licensed songs in December last year, I knew of only a few sites that featured CC music, and picked only from While ccmixter attains the highest level of collaboration between its members, I’ve since learned there are many sites that now focus on, or at least include, CC-licensed work–sites like Magnatune, the Free Music Archive, and Jamendo.

Many of the songs in this edition of the CC CD are courtesy of Bloodshot Records and their amazing (promotional) contribution to the Free Music Archive. I predict we’ll see more promotional activity like this from record labels as technology continues to change the way we all create and consume music–and drags the business of music along behind.

Without further ado, I present the songlist for CC CD #2.

olddog The introduction music is Amarok (30 sec. theme) by Old Dog
jag Train Train by Jag
John_Williams Steam Train by John Williams
Chatham_County_Line Clear Blue Sky and Carolinian by Chatham County Line
Justin_Townes_Earle The Ghost of Virginia and What I Meant To You by Justin Townes Earle
Al_Duvall Stuck on a Hat-Check Girl by Al Duval
Robbie_Fulks I Told Her Lies, Cocktails and In Bristol Town One Bright Day by Robbie Fulks
Photo by nffcnnr
Corinne_West Amelia by Corinne West
unreal_dm Power Country Rock Remix and Goin’ Home To Macon Blues Mix by unreal_dm featuring panu moon
Jon_Rauhouse Can ‘o’ Corn, The World is Waiting for a Sunrise and Widowmaker by Jon Rauhouse
Sally_Timms The Sad Milkman by Sally Timms
Acoustic_Guitar Hi Flyer Stomp by “Fiddling” Phil Newton (violin) and Tom Joad (guitar)
Photo by tonyduckles
Wayne_Hancock Working at Working by Wayne “The Train” Hancock

I hope that CC CD will become a monthly podcast that showcases some of the best CC-licensed music out there. The plan is to focus on a particular genre of music for each edition, at least for a while–or until I run out of genres. Next time I think I’ll be showcasing electronic music, but who knows what teh internets will bring?

If you enjoyed what you heard, or have a suggestion for a type of music to highlight, or a site for cc-licensed music, please comment! And thanks for listening!

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