CCCD Podcast on Mutation Radio


I created the one-off CCCD podcast for an audience of one. He liked it and shared it. Eventually, The Mutation, a very nice art cooperative and ezine in Ireland asked to run it on their Radio Mutation. They were even kind enough to allow to introduce the CCCD #1 podcast on their site.

Recently, I decided to create some gifts for family and friends, rather than buy something off an assembly-line. I’m constantly amazed by what the internet enables me to accomplish, if only by showing me what’s possible. More and more, people are discovering how computers and the internet allow them to express their creativity, to share, and to collaborate in their creative expression. Sharing and collaborating legally, and with respect to the wishes of the creators involved, is what Creative Commons ( allows.

I chose these songs as the basis for a “mix-CD” I sent to a good friend as inspiration for using CC-licensed work in his videos. I picked music I thought he would like: mostly acoustic, with a “freshwater” feel as he likes to describe it. I recorded some personal introductions to the tracks which can be heard in the podcast version on my blog, . My thanks to Mutation Radio for their interest, and for letting me introduce the collection.

Many thanks to Kruzer, Bang, and the whole crew at Mutation!

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