CC CD #1 podcast

So, I got crafty for Christmas presents this year. My own blurb book for my mom (which hasn’t shipped from them, yet, grrrr…), and CD of a handpicked mix of mostly acoustic songs from ccmixter with personal introductions. Once I’d done the introductions, I decided I might as well make a podcast to put here, too. The quality is ramped way down to make it reasonably sized, so you’re better off listening to the tracks from ccmixter.

( Download the mp3 (23MB) | Go to the playlist )

The songs and artists are listed in the CC CD podcast #1 playlist. The songs are even in the order they’re in on the CD. Oohhh! Ahhh!

And what would a CD be without cover “art”?

Front "cover" Back "cover"
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4 Responses to CC CD #1 podcast

  1. hy says:

    there is no ribbon bow on this series

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  4. fearless says:

    I am finally free to get back on track…
    Songs of Freedom…
    Now on to CCCD #1 & The Mutation &

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