Proof the Beaureaucracy Is Hosed

If you ever wondered why the government seems a bit sluggish or unresponsive to the demands of the people, check out the guide to federal resumes and notice the part about getting hired without an interview.

It almost sounds like your federal resume should sound like what you would say in a private-sector interview, where someone reads a bullet point on your resume and says, “Could you explain this?”

That’s a very good point. It’s more of an expanded written/verbal resume. In fact, a government resume is considered to be the application, an examination, because they examine the resume to ensure you’re qualified. And sometimes government hiring managers don’t interview — they hire based on what they see on the resume.

So you could send a resume and get a job offer from it?

Yes, absolutely.

Good to know my federal tax dollars are managed by folks who might not have been interviewed.

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