My Superpower per OkCupid

I got bored in Las Vegas last week and signed up on OkCupid again. /shrug

Your result for The Latent Super Power Test…


You are the one to cloud other’s minds with phantasms. Illusions is your super power, and with it you can create sensual experiences that are completely believable to most others. The utility of this is huge! People will freely interact with your illusions, until it’s too late. They’ll tell secrets to illusionary confidants, run from giant monsters, or try to cross that very solid looking bridge you just imagined over the tall canyon.

If you want someone more submissive, try any of these for sidekicks:
Dazzle, your heightened ability to distract will teach them when it’s best to do so.
Intangability, your inability to be affected by their powers lets you guide them in their development.

If you want someone your equal, try any of these for partners:
Absorption, both of you fill in the gaps of the other’s abilities, making you two a dynamic force.
Super Senses, they’re not affected by your powers, letting them take on enemies with even greater ease.

If you want someone more dominant, try any of these for mentors:
Elasticity, their ability to cover many roles will teach you how to use your power in a wider array.
Flight, their ability to cover the battlefield will teach you how to control the battle.
Telepathy, their ability to animate objects of the battlefield will show you what works.

Avoid Size Control, their ability to distort reality will lower the effectiveness of your illusions.

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