Life Goals

I started blogging as part of a “life change”–one of those nothing-I-do-is-really-important moments. The short of it was I set some goals for myself.

  • Learn CPR
  • Learn to fight fires
  • Learn more about guns
  • Take a stunt driving class
  • Lose weight
  • Grow food

So, how’d I do some 2.5 years on?

I was certified in CPR, it lapsed last year. I was a volunteer firefighter. The commonwealth of PA certified me in basic vehicle rescue I (yes, I used the jaws of life). I only got 16 course hours into the 188 required for firefighter I certification, and I think BVR I requires FF I, so I’m not sure it’s valid.

Diet and exercise were much better for about a year–getting back into the workout habit. I started dating again after a hiatus. Met a few nice girls. Decided to keep dating one. We’re doing the meet the families thing this month.

Everything else kinda fell apart. Firefighting did, too. More volunteers are not needed in my suburb at the times I could participate (and at my low skill level–they do need drivers). I don’t fit in the firefighter crowd–firefighting is their hobby and 2nd job rolled together. To me, it was just training and volunteering. They had more invested in things than I did, which means politics, which just made me not want to be there. But I got a lot out of the 15 months I put in.

My priorities have changed some and it’s time to come up with new goals.

I still think stunt driving school would be freakin’ awesome, though.

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