This was the 2nd complete song I ever wrote. It was sometime in high school and was loosely based on a crush, with dramatic license. Ironically, something pretty close to this really happened to me around 2002, but I’m still working on that song.

She is leaving me
Told me I wasn’t the best thing she’d ever had
But still she’s sad
Told me I knew her well

She’d believed in me
Hoped I could help her out of a mess she was in
Said, “I’ll help if I can”
So I helped her over
Nearly drove her insane
Asked why I was to blame
She had no answer
So I wouldn’t ask her again

She is leaving me
Told me she needed to find somebody new
What could I do?
Seems she’s been looking after an old friend of mine
And it’s been quite some time
Guess we just lost or missed that spark in our kiss
But I didn’t notice

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Sentimentally at golofi

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This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.

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3 Responses to Sentimentally

  1. redkruzer says:

    Very good…
    like your way w words

  2. hy says:

    oh so you used that line before…:
    Said, “I’ll help if I can”

    Who is the deeper voice?

    Great job…really like it

  3. mghicks says:

    Deeper voice is me with a cold.

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