Amazing Saturday

Last Saturday, I went to see a BBH show. Al, Moses, Chive, and I hadn’t all been in the same place together for about 12 years. It was very cool to see everybody. I met Kit who now plays guitar for the band (I met him when BBH played Immaculata College back in the day, but I have only one memory of that show and it’s a fixed picture of me trying to figure out how to hook up the sound in the caf. I don’t even remember playing that show.) Looking forward to hanging out with him and a couple of guitars one day soon. Didn’t get a whole lot of time to talk with Al, and my hearing is really lousy in noisy, crowded places, so I missed a lot of the conversation. Stepped outside after Al left and caught up with Moses. For the record, I learned that Chris credits me for making the “School Chive” nickname stick after college (in whatever circle it’s stuck with, which is probably me and the Ursinus Alumni Board.) I had confused it before, thinking Chris said I gave him the nickname in the first place.

Al is working on a huge retrospective collection of BBH material, all kinds of stuff that got recorded and never saw the light of day. I can’t wait to hear it!

As an added bonus, Heather was there, just returned from her Peace Corps tour in Mali, and we grabbed some dinner after BBH and headed to the Khyber for the Creeping Weeds show later on. Chive’s band was so tight and the sound was so awesome, I wish I could get a CD of it! Guys! Don’t record in the studio–hire out the Khyber, your soundman, and two good mics. Really!!!

If that wasn’t enough, Jes from Ursinus found us after the show and told us she’d just moved back to the area! There’s a Mike is in her MySpace friend’s list, and a Mike roomed with Dennis, so maybe I’ve got the contact I need to return that copy of Cheese on Wheat I borrowed circa ’95.


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