Gamefly update

Two Worlds arrived from Gamefly, but Bioshock not to be found. Strange…

It took about 30 seconds of opening scene to decide I would not enjoy playing Two Worlds. Very, very bad writing. Bad voice acting, or perhaps perfectly acted terribly directed voice over. After another 3 minutes of completely unnecessary and still worse opening movie, you’re unceremoniously dropped into a tutorial dungeon. Thankfully, the controls are mostly standard.  Successfully killed the baddies and loot. Eagerly enter the inventory screen(s) to try out my earnings, and find the controls impossible to decipher. Packed and mailed back today.

I expect Bioshock should last longer.

And about those RSS feeds:

How about RSS feeds for “Games at Home” and “My Game Q”?…
Discussion Thread
Response (Brent) 10/24/2007 09:20 AM
Hello,Thank you for the suggestion. I will see that it gets to the right department for discussion.Thank you,

GameFly Customer Service
Online help:

Thank you, Brent!

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