Avidemux video editor

Virtualdub is the free video editing power-user’s tool of choice, but as a casual user, I find it a bit difficult to setup correctly and use. Recently I found Avidemux which works quite well, even though it’s still “preview” status, and most importantly, is darn easy to use. I only needed to read two or three pages of the doc wiki to get edits working. Pair this with DVD Flick and you’ve got an easy and free means of getting your digital content onto DVD, for simple users like me.

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4 Responses to Avidemux video editor

  1. mghicks says:

    /me waves to Fearless.

  2. hy says:

    I looked at it, but the technical jargon got way beyond me fast.
    I imagine that is why there are commercial programs – for people like me.
    I will still try it, but I did get uncomfortable, or too lazy, quickly.
    I downloaded Vegas (100- version)- it looks promising, but a wide steep learning curve too.
    The camera program allows me to convert to an MPG or mov file. which will do until I get out of the law office.
    73 & still into the security blanket…

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