Freecycling some DVDs

I’m freecycling some DVDs and if anyone is interested look here.

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3 Responses to Freecycling some DVDs

  1. marc says:

    Before you freecycle it, I want to borrow “Now and Then, Here and There: Collector’s Series”, unless it’s no good.

  2. Matt Hicks says:

    It’s good, but in the way Graveyard of the Fireflies is good. It’s not a happy kind of series. And you can’t borrow it. You have to keep it.

    How’s Cowboy Bebop?

  3. marc says:

    Cowboy Bebop is AWESOME. I love that one part where the guy does that thing.

    Okay, I’ve not watched any of it yet. Rather, I’ve not watched it without playing WoW.

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