Summer Movie Season

So, this summer movie season doesn’t seem to suck as badly as the past few. I’ve seen Transformers and loved it, even if it wasn’t *exactly* Transformers. I had an excellent conversation with Ken last night about the movie story and why the original story was better in almost every case. After hammering out the fine points of Transformers, we went to see Fantastic Four meets the Silver Surfer or whatever. Now, I’m a fan of the first FF movie–which puts me in the minority, I gather–but I found this one disappointing. Who would have expected the FF movie would be about some army general? Seriously… cut out that character and you might have a movie about the Fantastic Four.

Anyone else notice more and more focus on the military in big budget action movies?

Next to see is the new Die Hard and Captivity (wtf did that movie come from?!)

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