Microwave popcorn butter flavoring harmful

This is terrible news for the popcorn mix!

The WaPo reports today that Assemblywoman Sally Lieber (D) has introduced a bill to ban diacetyl use by 2010. The chemical is an artificial butter flavoring most commonly used in microwave popcorn. Numerous study have found links between the chemical used by flavor workers and a rare disease called bronchiolitis obliterans. For those of you who aren’t 2000 yr old Romans, that means that the bronchioles and some of the smaller bronchi are obliterated by masses made up of fiberous tissue.

…flavoring manufacturers have paid out more than $100 million due to health lawsuits…

…OSHA has known it’s a problem since 1999…

…The coating on the inside of the packages give off PFCs that break down into PFOA when ingested.

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One Response to Microwave popcorn butter flavoring harmful

  1. sewpam63 says:

    This is an outrage!!! We submit ourselves to cigarette smoke, pollution & genetically altered foods…no, NOT popcorn too?!?!?!

    Woefully, THE Popcorn Lady


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