Roll Call 1d12

Someone made Ensign laugh beer into, but not out of, his nose. Sam had the best soda spit-take ever–right onto Hendricks’ Ticket to Ride board. I laughed so hard I nearly passed out. Ensign made some excellent chili that needed more heat in my opinion. Al was sick, but stopped by to drop off my ‘Fog of War’ DVD, which Ensign borrowed to watch. Julie made nachos.

Lexio – Round 1: Ensign*, Scott, Sam. Round 2: Ensign, Scott, Sam, Cake, Matt*
Ra – Ensign, Scott, Sam, Cake, Matt… who won this, Ensign or Cake?
Ca$h’n Gun$ – Ensign*, Scott, Sam, Cake, Dan, Matt
USA 1910 variant for Ticket to Ride – Ensign*, Scott, Sam, Dan, Matt
Factory Fun – Sam, Dan, Ensign, Matt… There were no winners in this game.
Hey, That’s My Fish! – Hendricks, Julie, Dan, Matt*
Leonardo da Vinci
Hendricks, Ensign*, Dan, Matt

The group is going to have to work to knock Ensign out of the top spot at 2d12!

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