Product Placement

Product Placement Deal Inked for Young-Adult Book

I think product placement advertising needs to be exploited more. For example, Planned Parenthood (or friends thereof) could sponsor a chapter in the above book where the protagonist explains to her posse that sex ed is actually “super-cool.”

Greenpeace could buy little signs in all the disaster remakes that say ‘Support Greenpeace and help prevent disasters like these.’ Perhaps including the word environmental to indicate their message is not about the movie.

Movie billboards are definitely under-exploited. Billboards in movie scenes can easily be added in post-production and wouldn’t be subject to normal regulations. Movie billboard classifieds.

The online gaming industry has already embraced the billboard concept. Hollywood won’t be far behind.

Gamespot article
Joystiq blog
Gamasutra article

And two other interesting tidbits, advertising as a non-marketing tool has cropped up in online games.

Second Life MMO controversy

And in case you missed it, Sony’s taken the game billboard concept (which can be anywhere, as opposed to a conventional real-world billboard) and applied it to good old reality with their graffiti PSP campaign.

Google images
Gizmodo blog
Joystiq blog

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