Stress sleeplessness

I’ve had several bouts of stress-related sleep problems lately. Job. Last night’s was acid-reflux that I must have choked on and/or inhaled. I was up for 2 hours while the burn went away. Antacids fixed the stomach, but the windpipe was very unhappy.

It made me think of the first song I recorded on my Fostex 4-track some 15 years ago.

Don’t make me sing another song
‘Cause my voice is sore and raw
Turn the lights out, go to bed
I’ll be here in the morning

But you just cry and rub your head
Say you’re looking for it instead
I’m lucky that you’re mine you say
I just turn my head and sigh

Go to sleep, go to sleep, my one
Go to sleep, go to sleep, my one

Once you forget the things that you said so I guess you won’t so I’ll be here

Just another lullaby…

All day I’ve been coughing up bilious lung-butter. Yuk.

Last night I played X-Box until the pain subsided. Yes, I got a console. Overall the no game thing is only a moderate success. I can deal with that.

I feel the urge to blog more coming back. Stay tuned.

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