My blog is not about consistency nor topicality

What the hell happened to SF’s Battlestar Galatica?!

Ken shares my opinion, so I’m not alone in the distaste I’ve developed for the show. But what happened? How did it become *so* bad? I could look past the ridiculous tactical, strategic and security problems the show has always had, but now the characters seem off-handedly inconsistent and more written to fit the plot-idea, rather than staying true to the character (even as characters develop over time, you should see the significance of the changes.)

I finally got a work in last night–after at least 2 weeks off (read: sloth). And I’ve been drinking too much caffeine because I’m tired at night again. Dammit. So, it’s time to search for that balance between going out every night socializing and some regimen. More to come.

Monday, I ‘officially’ became a volunteer firefighter–that is, I’m now authorized by the fire chief to ride the trucks and deal with emergencies. I got along pretty well with the officers, too. They said I was a ballbuster, just like them. And we talked about what fire academy training I should take first.

I was never one of those kids who wanted to grow up to be a fireman, but I have to admit, the closer I get to it, the more excited I am about it. The station I’m with handled 43 calls in January. There should be some action soon, if I’m not stuck at the day job.

The day job goes well. I got some projects to work on that are useful and enjoyable. That seemed to be a rare combination last year. In no more than two months I will officially transition to a new team. Hello, greener grass.

I admit the title of this post was mostly an excuse to use the word ‘topicality.’

The Pope, I’d heard, did away with that pesky concept of Limbo. However, Ken explains that the Catholics did not do away with Limbo entirely. They only said children who die prior to baptism do not spend eternity there. Or something like that. If anyone has the official announcement, I would love to see it. I’m not Catholic, but I still find papal briefs entertaining.

I’m upset that the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology moved their entrance to a side wing of the building. Well, I’m as pissed-off as I can be about museums, in which I have a curious interest, but no real investment. It’s a shame because the new entrance diminishes the architectual impact of the building. It’s more like nice community center now than a museum. The very charming and clever woman working in the gift shop at the new entrance told me it happened about four years ago. (The screenwriter in my head added the line for her, ‘You should have complained then.’)

What’s with Brokeback Mountain? Snubbed by SAG, lauded by AMPAS. That’s the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Cake, please enlighten us.

I can never remember whether its soba or udon noodles that I like. I like the buckwheat ones.

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One Response to My blog is not about consistency nor topicality

  1. Red Wizard says:

    Since you asked:

    1) Brokeback Mountain is about a good a “romance” film to be made
    2) Heath Ledger should win Best Actor (but has some stiff competition this year)
    3) MIchelle Weiz really really should win best actress – her performance was heartbreaking.

    As for snubbing – no one in Hollywood has any taste. Never have.

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