The Christmas pudding party

So, the O’Neill Christblahblahblahmas party was fun. Erik doesn’t know he twisted my arm into going (or maybe he does), but I went and it was a good time.

There was a gift exchange. I left to catch Charlie at Tin Angel just before people opened stuff up. The theme was ‘worst gifts ever.’ I got the lowdown later. Gifts included 20lbs of potatoes and 96 packages of ramen noodle. There was a $10 target for gifts. The winning worst gift was a framed picture set of the and tubgirl. Now *that’s* really putting some thought and effort into it. After all, the best gifts are the thoughtful ones you can’t buy in stores.

It reminded me of the semi-Chum Christmas at Mike Gibbons’ girlfriend’s parents’ house some years back, where many a gag gift was given, to everyone’s delight–except one of Mike’s brothers. He just didn’t get it. Not clued into the gag gift chum theme, he said, in disgust at the exuberant cheers at the many strange gifts, “I didn’t know I just should have taken a crap in a box and wrapped it up.” Ah, good times, good times.

Many are those who don’t get the chum humor and comraderie, including, at different times, the chums themselves. “Tell me more about my eyes…”

Spencer’s online does not have a picture or even description of the gift Erik was going to bring. He either ‘forgot’ or chickened-out. Hmmmmmmmm… I tried googling for it, and got *waaaay* too many unrelated hits.

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