Charlie Degenhart at Tin Angel

Erik and I left the party early to go see Charlie Degenhart at Tin Angel.

We leave the party late, so we rush downtown, park, and walk by the bar once because the sign is not lit up and I only knew *sort of* where it was. By the time we get there, he’s 20 mins or so into his set.

I get a beer and sit down. Erik comes back from the bar complaining that he doesn’t feel good–his stomach’s upset. (Didn’t he invoke ‘Old Yeller’ at the party?! Sounds like a jinx to me.) He listens to two or three songs before he says he feels like he’s gonna throw up and has to go. Well, I hope you’re feeling better E.

Tin Angel is actually a pretty cool little venue, though I would hate to see it crowded. Last night there were about two dozen and it was just a little sparse. Three dozen would be the limits of my comfort–but I hate crowds. The sound system is great and the guys running it seem to know what they’re doing and have an appreciation for music.

I don’t know if I missed ‘Alaska’ and ‘Steel City’ but he didn’t do them while I was there. They are my two favorites of his songs. If you don’t know it, ‘Alaska’ is on Charlie’s myspace page.

After his set I said hello to him. I am entirely jealous of his social skills. He is the smoothest networker you will ever see. If he weren’t the absolutely nicest person in the world, you might find it artificial. Charlie will make you feel like his friend within the first five seconds of talking to him.

We reminisce about Cloud 9 for a bit. I tell him Erik stopped by, too, but had to leave. Later on, he calls me over and introduces me to Bill and Sid, two musicians I’m told will be linked from his myspace page soon, and Bill’s city wife, who’s name was a couple syllables too long for me to have a chance of remembering this morning. The city wife is apparently responsible to the real wife for keeping Bill sober enough to get Bill home. They were talking about this cool little bar in the northeast called Stevenson’s. (I think that’s the link for the place.) Bill’s playing there Wednesday night–unfortunately, I already have plans. I bowed out early because I was having a hell of a time hearing the conversation over the woman on stage. She was good and all, I just prefer to listen to different music than I can understand or that I can write–I’m not saying her songs were simple, just that the music held no surprises for me. I thought her voice was wonderful. Since I don’t have a city wife of my own to let me know when I need to stop, I figured I’d better go before I drank more than I should.

Guess who else I found on myspace while I was out there poking around. I got my own page while I was at it.

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