In Good Company

Do nothing Wednesday felt so good, I called out sick and did it all day Thursday. Any cold that thought it was getting the better of me has learned it’s lesson now!

I ended up watching a whole lot of TV, including movies. First up, In Good Company, was a much better movie than I expected–superbly acted, understated, honest, touching, all with a very un-Hollywood ending. Seriously good stuff. Caught up on all the Futurama my DVR had recorded. R. Lee Ermey hosted a Christmas at war special that covered how troops handled the holidays during major American conflicts. Now, I love R. Lee Ermey–not as much as Ensign or the other Chris–but I kinda feel weird when he tries to be all Full Metal Jacket hardcore on his History channel shows. I mean, I know people know him for that, but it just comes across like desperation as he’s yelling at a plastic snowman to get it’s shit together. Is that what anime fan service is like to non-otaku? I don’t consider myself otaku, but the fan-service bits don’t bother me.

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