Jesus is Magic, but the movie isn’t

Of course, Sarah Silverman can do no wrong, so it must be that the movie theater is the wrong venue to see this would-have-been-HBO-comedy-special turned theatrical release. It didn’t help that I was terribly uncomfortable in the Ritz 5 seats, the hazelnut-flavored hot cocoa was disgusting (why did I still drink it?), and I’m *still* pretty tired from the weekend. Or maybe I’m still fighting off the cold that everyone else seems to be admitting they have. I remain in denial.

YEA! Wednesday… my designated do nothing day.

I remember very distinctly giving up on websurfing several years back. has turned me around. I can refresh that page and hit interesting-looking links forever.

I need a gender-neutral $10 gift for an Xmas-Xchange. Any ideas?

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One Response to Jesus is Magic, but the movie isn’t

  1. Carlos says:

    Might be too late, but iTunes gift cards come in $10 denominations.

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