Geek-out week

This week was a total computer geek-out festival. First, I was in training for web application programming. The course was roughly five years behind current web technology. (Despite the fact that I just started blogging and being a more serious internet *user*, I’ve been developing intranet web applications for 7 years or so.) So, it was hard for me to pay attention to the material. Add in that Google released a public API for developing custom homepage modules and it was all over. I’ve been hacking XML, javascript and learning AJAX and JSON since Tuesday morning.

As I get more into this world of public web services there will surely be more changes. When I create the new techie blog, I’ll announce and link it here. I was hoping that usePerl would work, but it doesn’t seem to provide RSS feeds or several other features I’m looking for. I’m not sure I can describe it’s service–it’s more like Slash than a blog, I guess.And the guy who sat next to me in class pointed out cheap MS .net hosting providers. I’d been aware of cheap LAMP providers for a while, but not .net ones. I just may have to check them out more closely.

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