Bed frames

I have one of those Tempurpedic mattresses and I like it. I do not like the ‘platform’ style box spring that it comes with. The tempurpedic mattress works like a futon, it has to be on a hard flat surface. Since I broke my bed frame last Sunday, I’ve been sleeping with the mattress on the floor. It is *so* much more comfortable that way. I thought, this is perfect: I’ll find a platform bed frame and just use the mattress.

Well, many platform beds just use more slats, rather than a solid bottom (especially the cheap ones). And, it turns out that platform beds are only ‘all the rage’ (or whatever I said) on my froogle searches. Local furniture stores don’t seem to carry them. My trip to three stores netted me one $1200 bed frame option. At least it had a solid wood bottom.

So, I’m still searching for a bed solution.

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