Backup Plan

Well, the honeymoon is over with Mad Anthony’s. The hotel bar was tired last night and I wasn’t drunk enough to invoke the power of 5-martini Matt to make anything and everything fun. So, I left. On the way home I decided to check out the bar formerly known as the Brook. Destiny, Karma, Fate, whatever you want to call it. Smoking bar, but not too smoky. And, yes, karaoke. Great crowd. That neighborhood bar crowd where everyone knows everybody. Half the people sang country songs. I sang that Sinatra song, ‘Let’s Fall in Love’. The guy who sang ‘New York, New York’ before me exclaimed, “You sure that’s a Sinatra song? I know Sinatra.” I assured him it was, and he could just blame me for not sounding enough like Old Blue Eyes. And I sang my standby, ‘Domino’. That was a hit.

So, there’s a Saturday night backup plan.

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