A Reading at the Hedgerow

Saw a staged reading of a first-draft at the Hedgerow Theater last night. I hope that future drafts also get readings. I think it would be fascinating to follow the work through the rewrite process.

I learned a few things, too. The first use of the insanity defense was in 1843. Catholicism frowns on fortune-telling. During WWII, deaths were reported to family members via telegrams you had to sign for. Ok, I didn’t verify that last bit. A free reading will cost you $5 or a guilty conscious. No one gives a shit about my comments and I should keep them to myself more. I think five-dollars’ worth is a lot of comments. The Hedgerow is tiny but beautiful. Parking there is chaos. The Starbucks in Media smells funny. A tall mocha and a Wendy’s cheeseburger jr. are a recipe for the worst heartburn ever.

Ensign says I should stop fucking around with theater and karaoke and start running in and out of burning buildings or shooting things, possibly at the same time. I’m paraphrasing. I did say I was going to start doing stuff like that. My CPR class is this Saturday. Must call fire company before Friday meeting.

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