If This Is Spain

Available at Golofi.com.

If this is Spain

It’s just her eyesight that tells him so
‘Cause he’s lost in these aisles of ozone
As one from the other he’d never know
She takes his hand and they both know
Now it’s the TVs that tell him so
This must be Spain

It’s her description that sells him for
The image of all its shows
The thought of all she knows
About this Spain

About this electric scenery
They’re huddled in the shadow of the CRT
He shows her how he has to feel to read
Never any other shared such ecstasy
Right in front of Spain

The salesmen can’t believe
The sight of their audacity
The sound of their viscosity
Must be heard in Spain

And they’re basking in the glow
Of the TVs and columns and rows
And they wonder why not everyone goes
To experience Spain

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