Pay yourself first

Four out of five money managers agree
To ensure domestic prosperity
Pay yourself first!

Suppose this financially sound advice
Applied equally to heart and soul and mind
What would payments made look like?

When your sole is aching, have a seat
If you’re missing friends, it’s time to meet
Too busy, too tired, too far behind?
Pay yourself first and you may find the time

But there’s no mere market economy
That fulfills the needs between you and me
What then will be our currency?

The weight of letters, the words of poems
All moonbeams and sweat, our perfumes and colognes
Washing of arms, nibling of toes
All of the things that each of us knows

Whatever the cost, you deserve no less
Lest the balance be shown on your countenance
And if not for the now, to one day reminisce
Pay yourself first!

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