Sandy Says

Sandy says, “There’s lines in the middle.
You go too fast. There’s the brakes. Won’t you hit them?”
I asked, “Would I get caught if I sped?”
She said, “I can’t tell you the future if I’m dead!”

Sandy says there’s stars in the sunshine
They write words and tell things to her
I’d swear if I weren’t mad
I’d tell everyone they’d been had

She displays her disinterest
As I try to uncover this
Complex incongruity
Of why she still stays here with me

Sandy says, “There’s little icebergs in the ocean.
They’re my friends and I love their crazy motions.
But how I hate to hear them cry.
Oh me, oh me, oh my.

If they could raise their consciousness,
That would be their best defense.”
But I just watch them melt away
Searching for something to say

Sandy says, “Cassandra had it comin’.
They only listen when you don’t know nothin’.”
The sun is settling down
As we run from another town

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