Better Descriptors

No reminiscence quite so satisfying as a love both sour and sweet.

I wrote this poem in frustration with a girlfriend’s terms of endearment. To this day, I’m not sure if anyone but she and I understands it. (For anyone in the know, a few lines have evolved since it’s first ‘publication.’)

Better Descriptors

What’s behind this battalion of words
This squadron of stanzas, syllables unfurled?
Consider this an ultimatum served
Better descriptors: an exigency!

When asked to describe a woman who
Regards me as nice and sweet and cute
What are the so-simpleton word I would use?

Synonyms, similies and gobbledygoo
Luvsy-duvsy drivel eschewed
Detecting a message directed toward you?
Better descriptors: an exigency!

Suppose by some congressional finding
Our love be deemed legally binding
I’d testify you were mine only lessee
But only the lessor would I be

Poppycock! Now the meter’s been shot
My lingua’s glossus is in a cravat
The anatomy of the perfect poem, this surely is not
Still, better descriptors are an exigency

Yet for all my pedantic, equestrian play
For all I contemplate, calculate and gauge
These words may return to haunt me one day
But still I say

Better descriptors: an exigency!

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