The original popcorn song

Update 10/21/2008 – This is the 3rd most active post on my blog. WTF? What are you guys looking for that gets you to here? And how disappointed must you be when you arrive! Is there some commercial jingle or old-timey-wimey bit?

Well, you bothered to click, I should bother to actually write something. Popcorn songs began with a weekly tabletop game group. The group was hosted by a good friend and his then-girlfriend (now wife) would make popcorn for us. To thank her for her time and the crafting of an amazing mix of popcorn, we stumbled on the idea of changing the lyrics to songs and singing them to her as she descended the basement stairs. (It’s a well-known phenomenon that the best tabletop gaming takes place in basements.) So, the link above is to the *first* song with new lyrics we did. There are more; some in other posts on my blog.

So, dear Visitor, my hope is you are now less disappointed in finding this page that you could not possibly have meant to find. Or, if not less disappointed, at least marginally entertained.

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